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We specialize in providing compassionate and comprehensive end-of-life fiduciary services.

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Trustee or Successor Trustee

Serving you in your time of need by following the directives of your revocable living trust.

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Personal Representative (Executor)

Named in your Last Will and Testament to administrate your estate. Sometimes this is known as the executor.

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This is the person granted legal authority through a Durable Power of Attorney. It is a position of significant responsibility and requires the attorney-in-fact to always act in the best interests of the grantor of the power.

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Healthcare Surrogate

This is the person you appoint to make future health care decisions for you if you are not able.

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Court appointed assistance for those who have limited capacity.

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Bill Pay Services

Are you finding it more difficult to keep up with all the day-to-day management of your financial affairs? We offer personally customized services to see that your bills are paid on time and confidentially. Tailored to meet your needs, you can relax knowing your bills are paid, your account is balanced and forms are made ready for your tax accountant at year’s end.

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Consultative Services

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to about issues related to retirement, aging, and the important decisions you must make along the way. An experienced consultant, Bob is very aware of the challenges seniors face and can be a resource for many of the decisions you and your family must make.

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