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Welcome to Still Waters Advocates, where we specialize in providing compassionate and comprehensive fiduciary services.

Our mission is to ease your burden with expert guidance and support in managing personal and financial affairs with the utmost care and respect.

Fiduciary Services

We understand that the golden years can be an increasingly difficult and emotional journey. From immediate assistance to future estate administration, we offer a range of fiduciary services designed to alleviate the stress associated with these complex matters.

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Estate Administration

Secure the future by naming an independant, experienced fiduciary to settle your estate according to the plans you have in place, following your unique wishes and safeguarding your legacy.

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Personal Trust Administration

Entrust us with the responsibility and privacy of managing your trust, providing ongoing income or ensuring the seamless distribution of assets without probate and according to your specifications.

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Lifetime Services

Let us ease the burden by providing the assistance you need today to manage finances, healthcare or other personal matters, for the extent of your lifetime as necessary.

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Consultative Services

An experienced consultant, Bob is very aware of the challenges seniors face and can be a resource for many of the decisions you and your family must make.

About Bob

Meet Bob Ellis—an attentive listener committed to ensuring your thoughts, ideas, and desires are not lost in the chaos of life's whirlwind. Amidst the hustle, Bob takes the time to genuinely hear you, understand your heart, and assist you in defining your goals and direction. Serving as your advocate, he champions your priorities and the things that matter most to you.

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Fiduciary Roles

Fiduciary services are those which legally bind the fiduciary to act for your benefit and according to your direction. Fiduciary roles must be appointed in your documents while you are competent and able to make the best decisions, and they are independent from family and friends. We hold confidentiality in high regard and are loyal to you and your desires in the following roles:

Personal Representative

Also known as the Executor, the Personal Representative is appointed in your Last Will and Testament to carry out the instructions for the settlement of your probated estate.

Trustee or Successor Trustee

The Trustee is the person selected to manage and/ or distribute the assets and income of your trust. The Successor Trustee is a person named to step up if the Trustee is not willing or able to carry on with the Trustee responsibilities.

Durable Power of Attorney

The Durable Power of Attorney document names the person in the role of Attorney in Fact. They serve during your lifetime if you are not able or willing to manage financial related affairs yourself.  This person must be trustworthy and loyal to you.

Health Care Surrogate

The Health Care Surrogate is necessary to make your medical care and treatment decisions if you are not able to do so during your lifetime. Often the Health Care Surrogate also serves as the Living Will Surrogate to make sure your wishes are followed for end of life care.


A Guardian is a court appointed role to care for the person and/ or property of someone lacking capacity to care for themselves. A Professional Guardian in the state of Florida must be registered with the state and fulfill requirements for continuing education.

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